Did these bodybuilders use steroids or are they natural

bradley martyn 3

Bradley Martyn is a world famous social media icon, bodybuilder, and trainer. He’s a hugely successful YouTube channel and even an Instagram page. He has millions of subscribers. Though his multiple social media channels, he vigorously shares all about Bradley Martyn steroids and tips on how to be “awesome and lean”.

The guy has a really long history of bodybuilding behind him. Though he may not have won a large number of competition, but has a large fan following inside and outside the field.

Potential Bradley Martyn steroids taken by him are Deca and Dianabol. Both these steroids were used by him Mr. Olymia region. This makes sense as Bradley’s muscles have similar looks to what Arnold did way back in the 70s.

Dwayne Johnson steroids

Dwayne Johnson is famous among millions as “The Rock”, and he enjoys superstar following. He is known for his incredible muscular nature, and incredible physique due to the rock on steroids. He’s also a great actor and is respected for being a nice person.

His physique has comic-book proportions. There are many superheroes who’re not as muscular as he currently is. This is mainly due to his genetics and background as a wrestler. Also, after years of dedicated training each day has transformed him into a cult figure you normally see on screens.

One sure sign of steroid use is big overdevelopment of some areas of the upper body. Overall, his physique is proportionate and its’ a fact that steroid users have massive upper body parts and small waists. With him, it’s definitely not the case. Some of his muscles are juicy, and are achievable in range.
Calum Von Moger steroids

Calum Von Monger aka Arnold 2.0 is famous around the world for his looks exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being on Calum Von Moger steroids he’s now a clone. His accent is similar to the Terminator due to his Austrian heritage.

Calum, like Arnie, displays classic bodybuilding looks of a LARGE upper body mass, balanced proportions, and a tiny waist. All this is due to Calum Von Moger steroids.

Calum began lifting weights around 2004 when he was 14. Natty guys possess immense genetics and so blow up fast with steroids.

Many of his photos show flushed/red looks to his skin. This is mainly due to anabolic steroids because they increase your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure dilates your body temperature also rises.


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