Did these bodybuilders use steroids or are they natural

bradley martyn 3

Bradley Martyn is a world famous social media icon, bodybuilder, and trainer. He’s a hugely successful YouTube channel and even an Instagram page. He has millions of subscribers. Though his multiple social media channels, he vigorously shares all about Bradley Martyn steroids and tips on how to be “awesome and lean”.

The guy has a really long history of bodybuilding behind him. Though he may not have won a large number of competition, but has a large fan following inside and outside the field.

Potential Bradley Martyn steroids taken by him are Deca and Dianabol. Both these steroids were used by him Mr. Olymia region. This makes sense as Bradley’s muscles have similar looks to what Arnold did way back in the 70s.

Dwayne Johnson steroids

Dwayne Johnson is famous among millions as “The Rock”, and he enjoys superstar following. He is known for his incredible muscular nature, and incredible physique due to the rock on steroids. He’s also a great actor and is respected for being a nice person.

His physique has comic-book proportions. There are many superheroes who’re not as muscular as he currently is. This is mainly due to his genetics and background as a wrestler. Also, after years of dedicated training each day has transformed him into a cult figure you normally see on screens.

One sure sign of steroid use is big overdevelopment of some areas of the upper body. Overall, his physique is proportionate and its’ a fact that steroid users have massive upper body parts and small waists. With him, it’s definitely not the case. Some of his muscles are juicy, and are achievable in range.
Calum Von Moger steroids

Calum Von Monger aka Arnold 2.0 is famous around the world for his looks exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being on Calum Von Moger steroids he’s now a clone. His accent is similar to the Terminator due to his Austrian heritage.

Calum, like Arnie, displays classic bodybuilding looks of a LARGE upper body mass, balanced proportions, and a tiny waist. All this is due to Calum Von Moger steroids.

Calum began lifting weights around 2004 when he was 14. Natty guys possess immense genetics and so blow up fast with steroids.

Many of his photos show flushed/red looks to his skin. This is mainly due to anabolic steroids because they increase your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure dilates your body temperature also rises.

A Bioxin Review-Does this Anti-Aging Cream Works?


Bioxin anti aging-cream comes in a beautiful jar of 1.7 fl oz (around 50 ml) and promises to restore your young looks and beautiful skin that you once had. It comes with a complete 60 days money back guarantee. Thinking of buying this impressive ream? Let’s know more about the cream in this Bioxin review

Does this Skin Cream Really Work?

Bioxin skin cream is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited and company takes pride in offering so many genuine supplements to the people around the world. Their high quality and effective products have been developed in certified and FDA approved facilities.

• Bioxin Review-Capabilities of the day cream
• Keeps your skin looking young for years
• Replenishes its moisture levels within hours
• Improves collagen production
• Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
• Smoothens your skin
• Delivers quick comfort to your skin
• Promotes vigorous skin cell renewal
• Helps in skin regeneration


Bioxin cream boasts of so many powerful ingredients but the best one among them is Syn-ake that is derived fro tripeptide which is collected from snake venom. It offers you same effects you get from Botox treatment but without much cost. The best thing about this treatment is that it won’t limit facial expression and its movements.

Besides this, this innovative product has Coenzyme Q10 that improves your skin’s ability to quickly regenerate itself and it also repairs all skin damage.

Other important ingredients include Parafinum Liquidum, Nylon-12, Petrolatum, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Pathenol, Oenothera Bennis Oil, Bezyl Saclicylate, Butylphenyl and so on.


If you want best results you need to apply Bioxin anti-aging cream to your face and neck after thoroughly cleaning and toning your skin. Massage this cream on your skin with gentle soft strokes.


You get complete money back guarantee which offers you peace of mind that your investment is safe. There are no parabens in this product and you can use it even if you have sensitive skin.

Any Side-Effects?

Some ingredients may cause an allergic reaction so it’s best to go for a patch test before using this cream in a wider area.


According to many Bioxin Reviews, this cream has become the first option for many because it’s natural, its safe and it shows quick results. It’s also affordable and you feel healthy about your skin.

There won’t be any black spots or wrinkles left on your skin after few weeks of use. The formula of this skin will clean all imperfections and it also hydrates skin well and protects it from various environmental stressors.

Bioxin anti-aging crema is highly recommended. It boasts of thousands of positive Bioxin reviews by thoroughly satisfied customers.

Its price is bit high, but this also proves that it’s made using very best ingredients.

If you’re interested in a cost-effective alternative to painful and expensive surgery, then go for this cream!

It’s easily available online on the official website and you get a liberal discount if you order your supply in bulk. You can order it from any part of the globe. It will be delivered right to your door.

Did you know you can Lose Weight Fast with diet pills ?




These days, every person cares about his or her health especially a slim-and-trim figure. Yearning for a nice body? Want to keep a nice figure? These are questions that every person has always been asking. Did you know the answer for these questions is losing weight fast.

Around 22 percent of Americans have many weight-related issues and around 17 percent of them use the best diet pills or weight loss supplements at some point in their lives. Among these, women report more use (63 percent) than men (37 percent). Most of these help lose weight fast and are in the form of capsules, tablets, and soft gels.

Many young people use so many measures such as workouts, diets, without any success, partly because body’s build up makes it difficult to lose weight. Today there is a ready-made solution that helps you lose weight fast. This is through diet pills. So what are the benefits of using diet pills? You will get a better picture after reading this particular article.

What are diet pills?

Diet pills induce weight loss due to their ingredients. You can get them online, over-the-counter or even by prescription. Many people use them because so they are easy to obtain and are highly affordable. There are so many varieties of the best diet pills that can help you lose weight fast and offer so many benefits. So let’s have a close look at each one of them.

Save tons of time

The biggest benefit of taking diet pills  is that you won’t have to spend hours in a gym or doing long walks. Just spend normal time for workouts and boost your metabolism and these pills will take care of the rest.

Lasting weight loss without any hard work

When you take diet pills, there is no need to do strenuous workouts that can make your tired. Your body will be able to burn out fat faster thanks to these pills that work on pure natural ingredients.

Reasonable cost

Using these pills is so cost-effective than other weight loss methods such as surgery, exercise machines. You get them at an affordable price.

Easy to use

You can lose weight fast because you can use these pills anytime and anywhere.


• Read prescription and closely follow all instructions. Drinks tons of water each day and include fresh juices and drinks in your diet. This will help you lose weight fast.
• Reduce your portion size. This will help eliminate fast faster.

• Check interaction of your chosen weight loss pills with other medicines you’re taking. It’s also important to take correct dosage of these supplements to avoid harmful effects in the long-run.



When you’re planning to lose weight, it’s important to have patience. There should be some motivation that helps you in pursuing your goal. No need to give up!

Maintain a positive relaxed mood. Don’t get stressed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to lose weight fast. And in some cases, it can be counterproductive.

Choose weight loss pills with natural ingredients as they can help in lasting weight loss within weeks.

Tbal 101: All you need to know about this legal steroid

For those who may perhaps be not in the know Tbal is a legal steroid from Crazy Bulk that closely imitates the effects of the banned steroid Trenbolone. As most well informed individuals would readily know, Trenbolone is universally acclaimed for its phenomenon anabolic and androgenic properties. However, it usage has been linked to serious side effects that ultimately led to its censure.  This is simply not the case with this trenbolone alternative

In a nutshell, just like Trenbolone, this product goes a long way in heightening nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues. Promotes red blood cells production and it is also known to fast track extensive fat loss. All of which can lead to increased muscle mass gain, increase strength and stamina and also offers first rate body conditioning in ways you would have never thought possible.

 This legal steroid has been feted as been much more powerful than the naturally occurring hormone testosterone. Which is largely due to its exceptional androgenic attributes that permits muscle tissues to retain increased levels of nitrogen. For those who may be in the dark, nitrogen happens to be one of the major components of protein, and this effect of this product usually leads to colossal muscle mass gains.

This legal steroid, like earlier stated, has also been proven to promote significant red blood cells production in the body. Which in the long run allows the muscle tissues to be supplied with sufficient oxygen while you are working out. This can ultimately provide your body with the much needed strength and stamina to carry out your bodybuilding exercises in an effectual manner. The resulting massive accumulation of red blood cells can also heighten your body’s vascularity. And since most of the muscle gains are in the form of pure muscle fibres, that are characterized with minimal water retention, you will get a highly defined and toned muscular appearance.

Tbal is also widely renowned for its unparalleled fast acting properties. Within just a month of regularly using it, you will be in an excellent position of gaining up to 15 pounds of hard lean muscle mass. It is also important to note that unlike trenbolone, all the effects of this legal steroid do not in any way carry serious repercussions to your general health and fitness. This makes this product totally safe to make use of by all types of men despite of their health and age.

Finally, to achieve much more accelerated results, Crazy Bulk recommends the stacking of this product with other legal steroids they offer. This includes DecaDuro, D-Bal, Anandrole, Clen-B, Testosterone Max and Winsitrol. Doing this can greatly enhance to efficacy of this legal steroid, which can enable you to realize and even exceed your bodybuilding objectives.

All in all, this product can be just what you need to heighten muscle mass gains, strengthen and condition your body and also fast track fat burning.  To learn more about this legal steroid please feel free to visit http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/tbal-75-revolutionary-bodybuilding-supplement-crazy-bulk/ Hope this article

has been insightful for those that may be on the look out for the right bodybuilding supplements.

What You Need To Know About Appetite Suppressant Pills

Using appetite suppressants can cut the amount of food you eat each day by as much as 40%. This helps in bringing down the daily calorie intake, and you no longer crave for food. Food cravings have been accountable for the increase in obesity and weight related issues. When you crave for the wrong kind of foods, you tend to crave for them all the time. Most individuals will crave for foods that have a lot of salt or sugar. These are the same kind of foods that are filled with a lot of bad fats and calories. People use appetite suppressant pills to change their eating habits, in trying to lose weight.

They help to retrain peoples’ eating habits, and hereby reducing the amount of food they eat. Most people who use pills say that within a couple of weeks or months, they find themselves eating smaller portions of food, and get satisfied faster without the need to eat too much. This helps to control the appetite. Trying to control food cravings or abstaining from snacking is very difficult, which is why most people benefit from taking an appetite suppressant.

With the number of products available in stores, it is important to look for the most effective and safe appetite suppressant pills. Doing a research on the pills is very important, before purchasing any products. People have lost their lives or have ended up with lifelong health complications because of using pills that were dangerous. Many of the products that are readily available in the market have not undergone any clinical trials and are thus not safe to use. Many people who have fallen for false ads have ended up with pills that just do not work. Some have ended up ruining their health permanently.

The availability of the internet has meant that there are more pills available for anyone who wants them. Many online sites sell appetite suppressants but not all of them sell good or safe products. Many unscrupulous people are using the internet to sell products that are sub-standard and even harmful. When buying any kind of pills, it is always important to make sure that they are manufactured by reputable companies. The pills should have passed safety tests and should be FDA approved. A large number of appetite suppressants have been taken off the shelves after failing safety tests. Sadly, most of them are still available online. Many of them have detrimental and even possible fatal side effects.

The following list show, in a nutshell, some of the most effective appetite suppressing pills

  1. Unique Hoodia-it’s a product from advanced health in UK. In contains Hoodia Gordonii, a supplement that helps people take less food thereby keeping their appetite in check
  2. Adiphene-this one helps individuals to battle all their dieting issue on their journey to losing weight. It has 12 ingredients that;
  • Help manage hunger
  • Boost energy
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Fight cravings
  • And block fat absorption
  1. Proactol XS is a pill, usually organic that helps individual cut down their weight through a fat binding process. this supplement is naturally derived
  2. Capsiplex sport- this is a new pill in the market whose main users are athletes. It helps them stay fit.
  3. Phen375 is another weight loss supplement manufactured by a widely known firm called RDK. The good thing about this pill is that it comes at a pocket price hence your wallet won’t be drained.

Before using any suppressant pills, it is imperative to consult a medic. The doctor will be able to run tests and recommend the best drugs. People with existing medical conditions should never take any drugs without first consulting their doctors. Pregnant and nursing mothers should never take appetite suppressants. Visit http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/best-appetite-suppressant-pills-for-2014-15/ to read more on appetite suppressant pills.

Anabolic rx24

Want to perform at your peak? Want to continue to have the vigor of a young man as you age? It is now possible with the help of Anabolic rx24.

As a man ages, his testosterone level begin to gradually decrease. But that is not the worst of it. A man’s testosterone can become, essentially, locked away causing it to go to waste. The consequence of deceased or wasted testosterone is the increase of mood swings and body fat along with declined sexual functionality, sleep pattern changes and a decreased amount of muscle mass.

This is where low T Anabolic rx24 or low testosterone is able to step in and help. Anabolic rx24 is composed of a blending of herbs that are able to increase a man’s base levels of testosterone naturally. The symptoms and side effects that are associated with low levels of testosterone begin to become eliminated virtually completely with the proper dosage of supplementation. With the use of the supplement, your body will begin to, virtually immediately, produce free testosterone in elevated amounts as a measure of balancing out your body.

As far as natural products that are currently available on the market today, Anabolic rx24 has been rated among the very best. The benefits that are attached to the use of this highly acclaimed testosterone supplement include the following:

  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Increased amount of muscle mass
  • A declined amount of body fat
  • A boost to energy levels
  • The maintenance of healthy body functionality
  • Sexual desires that have been increased

How Does It Work?

One of the key components of Anabolic rx2 is Trillium Erectum as well as other ingredients that off a boost in free testosterone production. The result of the formula that is used within the supplement, it is widely believed that the adrenal glands are strengthened delivering naturally produced testosterone in order for the body to both draw strength from and build upon.

Anabolic rx24 is also offers a quite outlet for effective blood permeation. The mixture that composes the supplement is that of complementing organic substances as well as natural ingredients that effectively permeate your blood stream in order to restore and deliver free testosterone in healthy levels.


There are a number of people that currently this testosterone supplement each day as a natural method of producing healthy levels while boosting their energy. Do keep in mind, that proper level of testosterone does not just simply increase the amount of lean muscle mass within your body. It also heightens your sexual appetite, which will cause your desires to increase and your body chemistry to soar in virility. As your levels of free testosterone begin to increase, so will your ability to perform with additional stamina. This will help you in satisfying your partner in all new ways and greater lengths of time. Therefore with this testosterone supplement, your entire lifestyle is able to be enhanced as you keep Father Time at bay.

To find out more about the product and its incredible benefits, please visit


Say Goodbye to Man Boobs with Gynectrol

Man boobs are embarrassing, but the good news is there is a solution to making them disappear for good. No You are not going to undergo any surgical cuts or enter a tedious work out regime. Gynectrol is the product you are looking for to rectify that saggy chest.

What we call man boobs is clinically referred to as gynecomastia, a condition that causes the breast tissues to enlarge abnormally especially among men. Gynecomastia is triggered by hormonal imbalance in the body, mainly the female hormone estrogen overriding the male hormone testosterone. This will then cause womanly features in the male body, and voila!…man boobs start showing up.

So, if you have been trying to fight gynecomastia by lifting weights or starving yourself, you are fighting the problem with the wrong approach. It will take a lifetime for the fatty tissue building up around your breast to be cleared by dumbbells. On the other hand, you have a chance to make this process go faster by purchasing Gynectrol, a natural bodybuilding supplement that works fast on reducing man boobs. The ingredients in the supplement directly target the subcutaneous adipose tissue which is a constituent of the mammary gland.

Gynectrol rapidly clears the tissue fat, blocks the prerequisites that cause gynecomastia and give your chest its manly appearance back. And here is more good news, you will start to see results one week of using the product. This body building supplement is completely harmless and can be incorporated into any work out regime. So if you have been working that chest but cannot get rid of the saggy breasts fast, you now have a perfect supplement to help with that.

Your appearance as a man matters a lot as it directly affects your confidence and esteem. So you don’t have to be the cute guy hiding behind baggy shirts and t shirts. You don’t need to secretly feel insecure when your girlfriend is constantly teasing about getting you a bra. Neither do you have to avoid swimming with family or friends because you don’t want them to see your saggy chest.

All you need between you and that perfect looking torso is a bottle of Gynectrol supplements. Once you start taking the supplement, it will directly target the fatty tissue around your chest reducing them to normal size. You will only need a week to start seeing results and you will never complain about any side effects. This body building supplement will also improve the appearance of your chest and finally you can be impressed by your masculine features.

Gynectrol is completely safe and a ready alternative to surgically removing the fatty tissue. You won’t need time to heal after a surgery nor are the ugly scars to worry about. This body building supplement gets rid of breast tissue fat the natural way leaving no single mark; not even a stretch mark. Say goodbye to the man boobs and be ready to embrace a new body that will finally allow you to shop for muscle shirts.

Follow this link http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/gynectrol-a-method-for-how-to-lose-man-boobs/ for more tips on how to get rid of man boobs.

Bring Back Your Youthful Skin with Wartrol

Warts are ugly sores that show up on your skin and take away your happy days of lovely glowing skin. Even worse is that they appear unannounced on your hands, feet, genitals or even the face. While some remain harmless but unsightly, some warts can actually be painful especially when they appear on the sole of your feet. However, there is a relief in Wartrol wart remover, and you don’t have to live life suffering anymore.

Safe and Effective Ingredients

This wart clearing formula packs only one core ingredient which is also FDA approved; salicylic acid. A single bottle contains about 17% of salicylic acid which penetrates the wart and dries it off until it disappears. Once applied the ingredient starts working immediately and in only a few weeks the wart will have completely been cleared bringing back your smooth and spotless skin.

Other ingredients in the wart removal solution include ethyl alcohol which is a harmless preservative, polysorbate-80 which helps the salicylic acid dissolve faster and flexible Collodion which acts as a surface protector. Menthol is contained in the solution as well though it is inactive.

Who can use it?
This FDA approved wart remover is safe for use for both children and adults. However, it is advisable to first see your doctor if you have sensitive skin that can easily be irritated. Moreover, when you have an infected area on the skin, redness or a previous sore that is not wart related, it is important to clear those problems first before using this proven wart remover.

Wartrol works effectively on warts formed on the sole of the feet, on the legs, hands, back or torso. It is however not recommended for use on genital warts, on birthmarks, face warts, moles or mucus membranes. The salicylic acid in the wart remover can also irritate the eye thus it’s important to avoid all contacts with the face. Additionally, while using this wart treatment solution, make sure not to touch the warts as this can cause them to spread to other areas of the body.

Skin specialists highly recommended this effective wart remover, citing it to be more effective and safer compared to conventional methods. So you don’t have to undergo any expensive laser treatment that may leave permanent marks on your skin. A single bottle of this excellent wart remover is all you need to clear all your wart problems. It comes with a convenient brush for accurate application on the skin and will last you long enough to see all the ugly or painful sores completely disappear.

How can You Buy It?
This is an over the counter wart treatment product thus you don’t need a prescription to buy it. You can order it directly online from the Wartrol website and the product will be shipped to your doorstep. Alternatively, there are affiliate pharmaceutical websites that also supply the wart removal solution, however make sure you are buying from a trusted supplier.

This is a safe and easy to use wart remover that will bring results within days. You don’t have to be in pain because of plantar warts or lose your esteem to ugly warts on your hands. This proven wart treatment solution will completely dry and remove the wart and bring back your youthful skin. Visit http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/does-wartrol-really-remove-warts-a-thorough-wartrol-review/ for more information on how Wartrol effectively clears chronic warts.

What Makes Legal Steroids Legal?

 Whatever product you’re going out to buy, it is always important to make sure that it is completely legal, regardless of its importance. The fact of the matter is that too many people harm their own health due to lack of research before going out and purchasing a product. Therefore, it’s important that you know that it is entirely legal and know how to use it as well.

 When it comes to supplements, the same idea holds strong. You must know that you are dealing with a supplement that is entirely legal since it will be ultimately introduced into your body and may lead to unwanted side effects. Make sure to perform your own research and investigation in order to ensure a safe process.

Legal steroids have been on the sharp rise in recent years, particularly due to the fact that they are legal. Legal steroids, unlike the illegal ones, can be found quite easily at any bodybuilding store and are used by many bodybuilders all around the world. You can read more about legal steroids right here http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/top-5-legal-steroids-build-muscle-20142015/

The FDA has decided to make these products legal and many people don’t really know what is the exact reason for doing so. Well, there isn’t one pure reason for making legal steroids legal, but a variety of motives for doing so. Let’s take a look.

  1. Don’t lead to unwanted side effects: This is the primary reason that legal steroids are in fact legal. Unlike the illegal steroids, the legal ones don’t lead to undesired side effects that aren’t known about before using them. Legal steroids are pretty straight forward in what they offer and what they don’t. Therefore, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Regardless, it is important to purchase legal steroids from a reliable manufacturer that is experienced in the industry.
  1. No addictions: Legal steroids are legal in large reason to the fact that they don’t cause its users to get addicted to them. Unlike illegal drugs, legal steroids are pretty easy and simple to withdraw from, and don’t lead to any unwanted effects in the process. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of people who start and finish using legal steroids on a daily basis, and don’t experience any harm in doing so. Therefore, they are considered legal because they don’t make the withdrawal process too difficult to go through.

Another popular steroid is the Crazy Bulk Supplement, you can read a full Steroid review here and find out the real benefits of this supplement.


Crazy Mass Bodybuilding Supplement – Myths Vs Facts


Bodybuilding legal supplements are widely purchased and consumed for muscle mass enhancing purposes, as well as decrease post-workout recovery times, and make workouts much more beneficial. Nevertheless, there are various misconceptions associated with bodybuilding supplements. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly encountered myths & facts.

  1. Myth: Bodybuilding supplements aren’t safe and are dangerous.

Fact: The vast majority of bodybuilding supplements are in fact in no way dangerous if the proper dose is used. It is important to go with supplements that are popular, since those that sell most usually do so for a reason. In addition, it is important to find a supplement that has been clinically tested so that you know that you are dealing with a reliable product that you can fully trust.

  1. Myth: Bodybuilding product supplements are not legal.

Fact: Even though certain organizations have officially banned some bodybuilding legal supplement, they are not considered illegal. They are currently available on the web and retail stores.

  1. Myth: The bodybuilding supplement allow us to become fit without ever working out.

Fact: These supplement have been designed to function well in close conjunction with rigorous fitness programs. Taken by themselves, they are not likely to deliver any satisfactory results.

  1. Myth: Such bodybuilding legal supplements come with tons of adverse effects.

Fact: The vast majority of these supplements include essential ingredients that naturally occur in our bodies. Due to this fact, they arrive with almost non-existent adverse effects. The most encountered side effect may be an upset stomach or diarrhea, but also this is quite rare. If they do occur, they will typically disappear within a few days.

  1. Myth: These supplements are not affordable.

Fact: One can easily get access to affordable bodybuilding supplements, such as Crazy Mass, that will allow you to buy it without emptying your wallets.

  1. Myth: Most bodybuilding supplements don’t work at all.

Fact: A whole lot of people have found that bodybuilding supplements, such as Crazy Mass, have highly enhanced their fitness workouts, helped them achieve quick results, put on serious muscle mass, and decrease post-workout recovery times. While Crazy Mass doesn’t provide the same results in every single person, the overwhelming majority of individuals find a strong improvement in their physique after making use of these products for a few weeks.

Most people just don’t really understand what bodybuilding supplements are and what benefits they can provide to the person who is very serious about finally enhancing his performance level. You can read much more on the topic and fully understand all what it is about at http://www.healthyselfprograms.com/top-5-legal-steroids-build-muscle-20142015/